10 Stupid Things People Say in Job Interviews

Wednesday 11 December, 2013
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With the official unemployment rate in Australia reaching 5.7 per cent, it's safe to assume that competition is fierce among job seekers, and that employers most likely have a larger pool of candidates to choose from when hiring. This means that if you do make it to the interview stage, you can't afford to blow the opportunity by saying something you shouldn't. Here's a list compiling ten of the worst things you can possibly say at a job interview:

1. 'Sorry I'm late'?

If you're going to be late to a job interview, you can safely assume the interviewer will be convinced that you won't be punctual on any other given day of work either. The simple solution: plan ahead and arrive early.

2. 'This job is my second choice'?

Nobody wants to be the bridesmaid! Don't ever give an employer a reason to believe that you don't want to be in the position you're interviewing for.

3. 'I didn't get along with my previous co-workers'?

Don't bring up the conflicts you experienced in your last job, or the potential employer might see you as difficult to get along with.

4. 'I'll just take this phone call'?

This should go without saying. If you must schedule a call, make sure it doesn't clash with the interview time by anticipating the duration of the interview.

5. 'My last boss was awful'?

If you complain about your previous employer, the interviewer- often the potential employer- will assume that you'll complain about your future boss too.

6. 'So what does your business do?'?

The least you could do is perform a simple Google search and gather a few facts about the business. With the amount of information available today, this is inexcusable.

7. 'S%^t'?

Even if the interviewer appears relaxed and lets a couple of four-letter-words slip out, don't ever follow suit. Swearing at a job interview is considered bad form, regardless of the industry.

8. 'Would I have to wear that uniform?'?

If you're going to criticise the company's uniform, you may as well have a dig at the office, the people there or anything else the company has obviously invested in.

9. 'What's your annual leave policy?'?

If you're already planning your absence, you're not going to be a very appealing candidate to a potential employer.

10. 'You have beautiful eyes (or any variation of a pick up line)'?

Flirting with an interviewer is risky and unnecessary. If the interviewer initiates some sort of action, maintain a professional approach and don't go down that road. Who knows? It could even be a test of character.


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