10 Questions To Ask in A Job Interview

Tuesday 21 October, 2014

Questions You Should Ask In Your Job Interview

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I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. A job interview is a two way street. You are not there to be harassed with terrifying questions. You are there so the company as well as yourself can see how well you would fit the role. While you should be trying to impress your potential future employer, you also need to suss out whether this position is suited to you.


P.S. When an interviewer asks “do you have any questions for me?” that’s secret business language for “ok, your turn” so have something prepared. And never say no.


10 Questions You Should Ask In Your Job Interview


1. What is a typical day like in this position?


2. How will you measure success in my role (i.e. responsibilities, targets etc.)?


3. Is there any room for advancement in this position?


4. Where have successful people in this position progressed to in the past?


5. What type of training is available for the position?


6. What is the company culture like (do you eat lunch together, what is the dress code, is there a strict management structure etc.)?


7. What is the expected salary for this position?


8. What are the average office hours?


9. What are the next steps for the interview process?


10. When will the final decision be made?





Don’t ask questions that you:


a)    Should know the answer to

b)   Could have answered yourself with a simple Google search


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