10 Most Visited Countries In The World!

Wednesday 3 September, 2014

Most Visited Country In The World 2013 - France


What is the most visited country in the world?

With a huge 87.4 million visitors in 2013!


With the recent release of data from the World Tourism Organization’s report, the most visited countries in the world have been released for 2013!


In my opinion, I think it’s cheating when you’re a country in Europe. You have all these beautiful countries in this tiny spot, all clumped together, you’d be mad not to take a little day trip here and there! Perhaps France isn’t even the destination, it could be people just passing on through to their next stop. All the while, we’re over here on this massive island, and we don’t even get a mention. Cheers guys.


PS: This could be one of the reasons why people flock to France...


French Beach

Image found here.


Top 10 Visited Countries for 2013


1. France: 87.4m visitors


2. United States of America: 69.8m visitors


3. Spain: 60.7m visitors


4. China: 55.7m visitors


5. Italy: 47.7m visitors


6. Turkey: 37.8m visitors


7. Germany: 31.5m visitors


8. United Kingdom: 31.2 mvisitors


9. Russia: 28.4m visitors


10. Thailand: 26.5m visitors



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