10 Most Pretentious Job Titles

Monday 8 September, 2014

Most Pretentious Job Titles


Is it just me, or do the majority of job titles have nothing to do with the actual job? Companies often glorify job positions by making up a ridiculous job titles that sounds fancy and important. Scrolling through job ads is actually quite an art form, having to decipher what the job really is. Trust me, I’ve been there.


After coming across an article this morning that was chatting about the ridiculousness of the term “mixologist” (or as we humans call it – bartender), I thought that yes, this is a common issue. So I delved a little deeper to find a few more examples of pretentious job titles.


10 Most Pretentious Job Titles


1. iCup Technician – Barista for Apple


Yes, this is a real job ad. Don't believe me? Read it here.


2. Colour Distribution Technician – Painter & Decorator


3. Highway Environmental Hygienist – Road Sweeper


4. Front Line Customer Support Facilitator – Call Centre Worker


5. Mass Production Engineer – Factory Worker


6. Media Distribution Officer – Paper Boy


7. Recycling Operative – Bin Man


8. Sanitation Consultant – Toilet Cleaner


9. Transparency Enhancement Facilitator – Window Cleaner


10. Beverage Dissemination Officer – Bartender


Job Titles found from The Telegraph.


Have you got some ridiculous examples of pretentious job titles? We want to hear them in the comments below!

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