10 Jobs To Work While Travelling

Thursday 26 June, 2014


Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel.


It occurred to me that the real definition of wanderlust is “to fly overseas to an unknown exotic place”. No one that I know is wanderlust to drive to Queensland. Or to go for an adventure through the Blue Mountains. Or to walk down to that little creek behind their house. No. Everyone wants to book that flight to Central America. To Paris. To Bali. To anywhere but here.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel many places in this world and there is one thing that stays the same. The feeling of coming home. There ain’t nothing like it!

So what is this desire to save a bunch of cash and leave Australia when it’s clearly one of the most amazing countries on Earth? We should be taking advantage of where we are and discover this amazing land. What's to stop us from working on the road? For picking up work along the way while having the time of our lives? I've had a look into it, and there are plenty of options for those who want to take their car and drive and keep on driving.

Here are some part time jobs that you can work while taking advantage of your travel: 


  1.      Fruit Picking

The best thing about fruit picking is there are locations all over the country; you could literally pick your way across the country! It’s a seasonal job, and different farms will work different seasons.


  1.      Au Pairs

There are always people looking for live-in Au Pairs or even babysitters. This not only gives you a bit of cash, but also a place to live! Most people will need a working with children certificate, but if you love kids - this will be perfect for you!


  1.      Festival Workers

My personal favourite! How awesome does it sound to travel the country working with all the different festivals? 


  1.      Travelling Nurses

There are many options as a nurse to travel from one temporary job to the next. Heaps of hospitals, especially in no man's land, will be on the lookout for short term nursing staff.


  1.      Holiday Resorts

Seriously, why travel anywhere else when you can live and work in the Whitsundays? Resorts are mostly after hospitality staff: cleaners, bar & wait staff, entertainment etc. Chillaxing on the beach in between shifts? Sounds like a dream to me.


  1.      Farm Hands

Similar to fruit picking, farm hands are needed all over the country. Plus there’s heaps of variety! Some people need help on their dairy farms, or helping out with their horses, some for casual and others for full time work.


  1.      Volunteering

No matter where you are in the world, there is always demand for volunteers. Whether it’s for human rights, education, environmental, health and various other areas, there will be room for you.


  1.      Bartending

If you’ve got an RSA, then you are good to go. Bar work is a type of casual work that is available anywhere you go, but will be in higher demand in the more populated cities.


  1.      Online Work

There are a select lucky few out there that can pick up their laptop and work as they go. Graphic design? Social media? Blog writer? Photographer? If you're getting paid, you've got no excuse!


     10.      Mining

This is where the money is! You will no doubt be working in the outback on oilrigs and mines for weeks or even months at a time. But don’t worry, you will be well rewarded. However, this isn’t a part time job you can just step into, you will need to have relevant skills and qualifications. 

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