10 Jobs That Require Travel!

Wednesday 13 August, 2014


It’s the dream, right? To have a job that forces you to travel. That forces you to see all the amazing wonders of the world rather than sitting on a cool swivel chair at your desk for eight hours everyday. If that isn’t your dream, probably best if you stop reading right about…now.


Here are 10 jobs that require travel! Some of them don’t even require qualifications, so what are you waiting for?


 1. Flight Attendants

Obvious, I know. That’s why I’m getting it over and done with first up. Apparently it’s a pretty competitive career, and who’s surprised? Although your days would blur, imagine the free travel. Yes, please.


 2. Au Pair

In fact, I know someone who is an Au Pair right at this moment in time. In Germany. And she’s not the only one of my friends to travel Europe with her au pair family! It’s a great way to travel, learn a language or two and get paid at the same time.


 3. Photographer

How many photographers do you know that snap their pics all in the one town? Maybe just a few of your instagram friends. Whether you’re a destination-wedding photographer, travel blogger, or have just got the gear and the ticket – go!


 4. Events

There are many different roles within events that would require you to travel! Whether you’re part of a travelling theatre show, circus, or festival, there’s plenty of room for you to come along for the ride.


 5. Which leads me to my next job…

Musicians. How do they get their name out there? They do tours. Gigs. All over the country, all over the world. You have to start somewhere!


 6. Volunteer

Every area of the world is in need of something. You’d be taking a huge pay cut, but it would be worth every minute.


 7. English Teacher

No need to explain. You teach English.


 8. Tour Guides

No prior qualifications needed, just a good understanding of the history and city where you are situated! Chat to fellow travellers while you guide them around beautiful cities in every corner of the globe.


 9. Pharmaceutical Representative

Or “Drug Rep”. They are required to sell pharmaceuticals to various physicians around an area, state or country. It might not be as luxurious as travelling across Europe, but it gets you out of your seat.


 10. Journalist

A difficult profession to break into, but someone needs to do it. News networks and lifestyle channels are constantly flicking over to their foreign correspondents all over the world. Someone needs to be where the action is, all the time. Ready to pounce on news that could break at any second!

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