10 Fun Office Supplies That Everyone Needs

Friday 29 August, 2014

Bizarre & Fun Office Supplies!

Wouldn't work be so much better if you had these...


Let’s face it; an office isn’t the most exciting of work places. Unless you work at YouTube where they have slippery slide in their foyer, you’re probably just sitting at your desk staring at a screen all day. Well, never fear. I’ve done my research (it was hard work) and found my favourite 10 peices of office supplies to make your day a little better!


No more collecting tape from your average tape dispenser, no more using the common fridge where people steal your precious food, this is a new era. Welcome to the world of bizarre and funny office supplies. Enjoy.


My top 10 favourite office supplies:


1. The New Range Water Cooler


Fun Office Supples - Beer Cooler



It may not hydrate you as well as water, but it would sure make meetings more fun!


2. A Mini Vacuum


Fun Office Supples - Mini Vacuum



Bringing procrastination to you whenever you need it.


3. A Feet Hammock


Fun Office Supplies - Feet Hammock



Ah, yes please. One of the best office supples on the market, according to me.


4. USB


Fun Office Supplies - Gun USB



Probably not wise to bring it into work, but it would make for a good story!


5. Mini Fridge


Fun Office Supplies - Mini Fridge



Both practical and adorable! Seriously, why don't we already have these awesome desk accessories?


6. You'll Never Forget Your Notes Again


Fun Office Supplies - Note Holder



The only problem with this? You now have no excuse as to why you forgot to call Jeff...


7. Tape Dispenser


Fun Office Supplies - Tape Dispenser



Christmas is only four months away, I can wait till then. Right?


8. Nap Pillow


Fun Office Supplies - Nap Pillow



"Add to basket".


9. Coffee Mug


Fun Office Supplies - Prescription Coffee Mug



Please Doc, give me the good stuff! 


10. Lastly, something every office needs...


Fun Office Supplies - Bullshit Button



We all know it to be true. This button could solve many issues, and create more.

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