10 Cringe Worthy Things To Put On Your Resume

Friday 4 July, 2014


There are some things that belong on your CV and some things that don’t. Ever. Full stop.


It’s awkward for you, it’s awkward for the person who has to read it and it’s all round cringe worthy. Plus, if the idea is to get a job, this isn’t how to go about it.


Casual work, part time work, full time work - it doesn't matter! All resumes should look professional and not contain the following things... 



  1.      Headshots

Are you applying for a part time modeling job? If the answer is no, then there is no need for a photo unless you have been asked for one. Personally, I think the only reason to attach a selfie is arrogance, so stay clear. Have your future employer base their decision on your skills and experience rather than your photography expertise.


  1.      Typos

Spelling & grammar mistakes are a no-go zone. They are an immediate turn off. Even if you’re not the best speller, there’s a modern device called “spell check” – use it.


  1.      Old Accomplishments

Listing things like “Year 4 – Pen License” is not a great idea.


  1.      Writing In 3rd Person

Zoe thinks this would be a fatal mistake.


  1.      Lengthy Resumes

Keep it 1-2 pages. If you’re only including relevant information, then it really shouldn’t be longer than this. Both part time jobs and full time jobs just want to see that you’re qualified and have past experience – they don’t need your personal history.


  1.      Reference Family Members

Even if you’re looking for a casual job, it’s never a good look to list a family member as a reference.


  1.      Borders & Backgrounds

These can work if you use them right, but if you’re worried about formatting – then stay away. Stay clear of the clip art borders, stay away from using a selfie as your background.


  1.      Overconfident

I remember the head of a small video production company once telling me that he received a CV of a university student who had written that he was a “director”. It’s a fine balance between selling yourself and being overconfident, people don’t like too much ego. Oh, and that guy didn’t get a job.


  1.      Old Emails Addresses

If you’re old enough to be applying for a job, you are old enough to delete coolguy_swag12@hotmail.com and create a new one.



       Cringe. Cringe everywhere.




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