10 Awesome Jobs That Pay Well

Tuesday 25 February, 2014

A good salary, job security, work-life balance and career advancement all contribute to the measurement of job satisfaction. And we do weigh up those factors during a job hunt.

However, a stimulating and fun job that you love going to each day is ultimately the type of job everyone wants. Bu it's been proven that a job that's considered fun may not necessarily mean it's the most satisfying either. A survey conducted by US jobs site, CareerBliss showed that employees at a Disney theme park actually ranked lower in job satisfaction than Army members!

But if you decide to look for something that will pay well and be fun - thus, hopefully equating to job satisfaction - here are 10 career paths you may want to consider pursuing:

Chocolatier Job - $90,000



Video game player Job - $50,000

Voice over artist Job - $80,000

Ferrari driving instructor Job - $120,000

Brewmaster Job - $43,000

Toy creator Job - $55,000

Astronaut Job - $100,000

Professional athlete Job - $40,000 - $20,000,000

Mystery shopper Job - $25 per hour

Video game designer Job - $46,000

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